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The REMIT Knowledge Base makes it possible to search for keywords across several documents simultaneously, namely the electronic versions of the Agency’s Q&As and FAQs documents on REMIT, and the Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM).

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The REMIT Knowledge Base therefore contains the electronic versions of:

  • The Questions & Answers (‘Q&As’) on REMIT policy matters

[Download PDF]

  • Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQs’) on REMIT transaction reporting

[Download PDF] 

  • Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQs’) on REMIT fundamental data and inside information collection

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  • The Transaction Reporting User Manual (‘TRUM’)

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It is also possible to subscribe to RSS feeds for individual questions and answers, or for different categories of the REMIT Knowledge Base content, which means that users can choose between RSS feeds for individual documents, categories of documents, or all documents.