Q&As on REMIT – Question III.1.1.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.1.

I have encountered a technical problem during the RRM registration process. What should I do?


In case of technical problems using ARIS applications the Central Service Desk should be contacted: servicedesk@support.acer-remit.eu

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.2.

How can I become a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM)?


To become a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM), the Agency has set up two distinct processes for potential applicants being either (i) market participant RRM or (ii) third-party RRM.

The major difference between market participant and third-party RRM registration lies in the fact that the first step of the Identification stage is handled via a separate path.

A. If applicants who are not market participants wish to establish themselves as RRMs, then they shall perform a third-party registration via the RRM Registration module that ACER has made available on the REMIT Portal. The registration is initiated through: https://www.acer-remit.eu/ceredp/home where the RRM Applicant will have to complete the first identification step and submits it for ACER’s approval.

B. Market participants shall first proceed with a market participant’s registration through their respective NRA. In the majority of cases, this is done via CEREMP. In certain cases this is done via other systems the NRAs have established to manage their market participants registrations under Article 9 of REMIT. At the last step of the market participants registration, the market participants have the option to either select to which RRM they delegate the responsibility of reporting on their behalf, or to indicate their ‘Intention to become a Reporting Entity’ (for self-reporting purposes and/or to offer reporting services to others), or both. In the case of CEREMP, this is done in Section 5 of the registration process.

As soon as the NRA approves this first Identification step in CEREMP, the market participants who have indicated their intention to become RRMs will receive an invitation to proceed to the 2nd step of the Identification stage.

From that point onwards all steps for the registration process are similar for all RRM applicants (market participants and third-parties). Please see a below diagram:

The Agency will ensure a proportionate treatment of the different categories of reporting parties throughout the registration process. This is especially the case for the attestation stage during which all reporting entities wishing to become RRMs shall submit documentation describing the procedures aimed at ensuring the timely transmission of data and their business continuity plan. When assessing compliance with these requirements, market participant RRM applicants are relieved from providing certain documents as specified in Section 5 of the RRM Requirements document. More information on the RRM registration process can be found here: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/rrm-registration-doc.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.3.

When can an RRM applicant start testing the submission of data?


The first identification and attestation stages have to be passed by the RRM applicant before the testing can start.

The Requirements for the registration of Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRMs) – (RRM Requirements) contain a detailed description of the registration process in this regard: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/custom-category/acer_remit_reporting_user_package.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.4.

Does the Non-Disclosure Agreement with ACER need to be signed before the start of RRM registration? Can the Agency provide this document by e-mail?


All the relevant documentation, including Technical Specifications for RRM document and the Non-Disclosure Declaration can only be provided during the registration phase and only via the RRM registration tool.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.5.

We would like to apply for the registration as RRM for standard contracts and maybe later for non-standard contracts as well. Can we start now the registration only as RRM for standard contracts and later extend the registration for non-standard contracts?


This is possible. If you decide to report other types of data in the future, you will be required to conduct tests relevant to the corresponding schemas. In addition, ACER may potentially request additional information. However, you will not be obliged to restart your registration process or re-apply for a new RRM status.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.6.

What kind of system should we have in order to do reporting on behalf of customers?


ACER has put in place a system that supports three interfaces (WebGUI, Web Services, and SFTP). RRMs have the option to establish connections with one or more of these interfaces. Within the RRM registration process and after signing a non-disclosure declaration, the candidate RRM can access a document that describes all the technical information necessary (namely “Technical Specifications for RRMs”).

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.7.

Do we need to have a valid ISO 27001 certificate if we want to register as a third party RRM?


There is no requirement to acquire a valid ISO 27001 certificate. Nevertheless, nothing prevents RRMs from doing so. It can be proven useful when demonstrating compliance to the technical and organisational requirements.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.8.

Will both technical compliance checks and content/business compliance checks be done at the time of report submission and will both (technical and content/business) receipts will be available at that time? If not, how long after submission of the report should we expect the content/business receipts to be available?


Whenever a file is submitted, it will undergo several rounds of validation.

A first batch of validation is under the name of “technical validation”, this includes:

– name compliance
– decryption & signature validation
– xml validation against xsd schema
– additional validation dependent on the source of submission

A second batch of validation is under the name of “business/content validation”, this includes:

– uniqueness of the data, if required based on the content
– compliance of data
– completeness of data
– application of business rules

The receipt availability instead follow a hierarchical structure, meaning only the highest level of “receipt” will be made available, so:

– if there is no error, the only available receipt for download will be a business/content validation receipt;
– if there is a business/content error, only the business/content validation receipt will be available for download;
– if there is a technical error, only the technical validation receipt will be available for download.

Typically you can expect the receipt to be available within maximum 30-35 minutes in case of large files, although you can expect the process to take less depending on your time of submission (if your system submits data in a peak “time slot”, there might be a queue before handling your data, but this will be a transparent process for the end-user) or your submission size (if for example you submit a small file containing just corrections to a previously submitted file, the elaboration time will be much smaller than a fully-fledged max size submission file).

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.9.

Where can I access the Non-Disclosure Declaration (NDD) needed in the process of RRM registration?


In order to access and to sign the NDD, you need to go through the RRM registration process available on the REMIT Portal under: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/rrm-registration-doc.

Before submitting an application to become an RRM, we would kindly encourage you to read the documentation available here: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/custom-category/acer_remit_reporting_user_package. The NDD is also provided under the same link.

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