Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.11.

We would like to register as an RRM. Is the registration process connected with any kind of fees?


Currently, no fees are charged by the Agency from the RRM applicants at any stage of the RRM registration process. However, the registration process may involve additional investment from the RRM applicant, in order to meet the technical and administrative requirements laid down in the Requirements for the registration of Registered Reporting Mechanisms.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.12.

How can I access the technical documentation as regards RRM registration?


In order to access the Technical Specifications for RRMs, you need to initiate the RRM registration process via the REMIT Portal and pass a number of steps in the registration process during the identification phase, as well as electronically sign a Non-Disclosure-Declaration. The RRM registration tool is available here: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/rrm-registration-doc.

You can also receive access to the Technical Specifications for RRMs via a client or a customer when applicable under the conditions stipulated in the Non-Disclosure-Declaration.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.13.

We are an ETRM provider and need to support our clients with their reporting obligations by developing a direct interface to connect with the ARIS system. We would therefore need the technical documentation although we are not an RRM. How can we receive the relevant documentation?


There are two possible ways to receive the RRM technical specification documentation as an ETRM provider:

Firstly, service providers have the possibility to receive relevant documentation from their clients/customers within the limitations of the Non-Disclosure Declaration. In order to get access to the relevant documentation, a client/customer has to register to become an RRM.

Secondly, the ETRM provider could initiate its own RRM registration until the stage of the RRM technical specification documentation is reached, following the signature of a Non-Disclosure Declaration, and then inform the Agency about the cancellation of the registration.
From the Agency’s point of view, the first alternative seems to be the more advisable one.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.14.

What will happen if at the time of registration a market participant has not yet decided on the delegated party for reporting on behalf of the market participant (concrete RRM)? Is there any chance not to fill Section 5 of the registration form at the first time of registration but only at a later stage?


Yes. It is not necessary to provide information in Section 5 of the registration form if it is not available yet. It can be updated at a later stage.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.15.

If a TSO plans to report transactions as well as fundamental data on its own, does it still need to be registered as an RRM? If yes, by when would the TSO need to be registered as RRM (is there any deadline)?


Any reporting entity that submits data to the Agency has to be registered as an RRM. Registration should be completed before the reporting obligation applies at the latest.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.16.

How long does the Agency expect that the registration of a reporting entity (e.g. a market participant or a TSO) as an RRM will take?


Provided that all required actions are performed by the RRM applicant in a prompt way and without significant delay, and subject to available resources at the Agency, the registration process takes approximately three months.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.17.

During the RRM Registration process, which form should be filled out and uploaded when requesting a digital certificate from the Agency?


In case where the certificate is requested for a physical person (e.g. for registering the RRM Admin account), the ACER-PO.pdf form must be used.

When a certificate is requested for the purposes of authenticating a machine communication (e.g. when establishing a WebService or SFTP interface with ARIS), the ACER-PSN.pdf form should be used.

Both forms are available on REMIT Portal: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/custom-category/acer_remit_reporting_user_package

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.18.

It is possible to cancel an already started RRM registration if the requirements described in the Technical Specifications for RRMs cannot be met? Is there a formal format for how to request for cancelation and where is it available?


If the RRM applicant would like to cancel/stop its registration process before it is completed, an RRM Administrator has to notify the Agency by sending an email to servicedesk@support.acer-remit.eu. The Agency will then terminate the registration process for the RRM applicant. However, all requirements laid down in the Non-Disclosure Declaration (NDD) will still apply.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.19.

Regarding the documentation expected from the RRM applicants to attest that they have mechanisms in place to fulfil the technical and organisational requirements for the submission of data: In what format should documents be submitted to the Agency (e.g. scanned copies of originals signed by the official executive representative of the RRM applicant)?


The Agency assumes that documents submitted during the RRM registration process by the RRM applicant are valid. Documents can be submitted as electronic copies of the relevant documents.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.20.

Are the requirements to become a Registered Reporting Mechanism the 13 specified requirements in the official document “RRM Requirements” (Section 5), or are there some other requirements (e.g. cost related)?


The RRM requirements are defined in Section 5 of the RRM Requirements document. The RRM technical specification documentation provides additional information on how to meet these requirements, which is available to the RRM applicant after the signing of the Non-Disclosure Declaration. This additional information is relevant to security and data validation.

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