Q&As on REMIT – Question III.5.3.

[** Question number changed from Q II.3.7. **]

Do you consider person professionally arranging transaction in wholesale energy product as an organised market place?


Under Article 8(4)(d) of REMIT: “for the purposes of paragraph 1, information shall be provided by: [..] (d) an organised market, a trade-matching system or other person professionally arranging transactions;.”

In line with the above provision of REMIT, organised market places fall under the definition of persons professionally arranging transactions.

Having said that, and under Article 15 of REMIT, organised market places are required to:

  1. notify transactions that might breach Articles 3 and 5 of REMIT; and
  2. establish and maintain effective arrangements and procedures to identify breaches of Articles 3 and 5 of REMIT.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.5.2.

How can a new organised market place (OMP) be listed in the Agency’s list of OMPs in line with Article 3(2) first and second subparagraph of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014?


The new OMP should get in touch with the Agency well in advance before taking up business. Please see below the steps to be taken by the new OMP in order to be listed in the Agency’s list of OMPs:

• contact OMPlists@acer.europa.eu well in advance of the intended start date of the OMP operation;

• read through the concise information on ACER’s REMIT portal;

• fill out the Agency’s OMP registration form and provide at least one of the following codes which are relevant for transaction reporting: Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code, Market Identifier Code (MIC);

• provide a list of standard contracts admitted to be traded on your market place. More information: REMIT portal Standard contracts;

• provide a third party Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM), which reports transactions on your behalf or apply to become an RRM yourself (note: the procedure to become an RRM will take at least three months, but can take up to six months). List of RRMs.

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Q&As on REMIT – Question III.5.1.

Where can I find a list of organised market places?


In order to facilitate reporting, the Agency has drawn up a list of organised market places which the Agency will keep up to date.

The list will enable market participants to identify relevant organised market places as reporting channels for transaction reporting. It will also facilitate organised market places’ submission of identifying reference data for each wholesale energy product, which the organised market places admit to trading, in order to assist the Agency to comply with its obligation to draw up and maintain a public List of Standard Contracts: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/standardised-contract.

For detailed information, please see Article 3(2) of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014.

Please note that the list will be made available in exportable format as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please refer to the document available here: https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/organised-marketplaces.

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