TRUM – Section 4.7

Data fields related to lifecycle information

This section includes the following fields:
58. Action type


Data Field No (58) Action type

No. Field Identifier Description
58 Action type When the report contains:
– a contract or an order to trade for the first time, it will be identified as ‘new’;
– a modification of details of a previous report, it will be identified as ‘modify’;
– a cancellation of a wrongly submitted report, it will be identified as ‘error’;
– a termination of an existing contract or order to trade, it will be identified as ‘cancel’;


Description of Accepted Values Type Length Examples
Text 1 N


This field identifies the type of action for the event that is being reported.

The first transaction of an order or contract should be a reported as “new”. Within a single trading day, there should only ever be one “new” action for a transaction. All subsequent transactions for that order or contract should either be reported as “modify”, “cancel” or “error”.

“Modify” should be used for any changes to the transaction made by the market participant or the execution venue on their behalf.

“Cancel” should be used to identify when the market participant or the execution venue has removed the order transaction from trading or should be used when a contract is terminated prior to the original end date.

“Error” should be used where a transaction has been incorrectly sent and needs to be removed from the database. A new transaction would then be submitted using a different UTI.

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