TRUM – Section 7.2

Data fields for lifecycle reporting

This section includes the following fields:

14. Action type


Data Field No (14) Action type

No. Field Identifier Description
14 Action type Status code of the report to be reported in accordance with current applicable industry standards as specified in Gas Network code on Interoperability and Data Exchange.


Description of Accepted Values Type Length Examples
Refer to EDIGAS Code list document for valid codes.
62G = Active.
63G = Cancelled.
66G = Changed.
Alphanumeric Maximum 3 62G


This information provides the status of the document.

The sender indicates if the report submitted is valid and never modified, updated or not valid anymore:

62G = Active. This data means that the report is valid and has never been updated

63G = Cancelled. This data means that the report is not valid anymore

66G = Changed. This data means that the report is valid after being updated.

This field is mandatory.

This field corresponds to the field PROCESS_TRANSACTION.ACTION_STATUS.CODE in the schema.

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