FAQs on fundamental data and inside information – Question III.5.1.3

How to use the field “Event Status”?


The UMM schema describes the use of three status values that are defined in the following way:


1. ‘Dismissed’ – for situations of cancellation or withdrawal of the message and when the message was updated.

2. ‘Inactive’ – UMM that contains the most recent update of an event that has already occurred in the past.

3. ‘Active’ – UMM that contains the most recent update on an event that will occur in the future or is occurring.


To smooth the implementation process the Agency will give additional freedom to use the “Event status” field values in the following way:


1. ‘Dismissed’

  • The change of the “Event Status” in the web feed is only obligatory in case of cancellation and withdrawal: when a message is withdrawn as erroneous, or the event of the message is cancelled then the status of the UMM has to be changed to ‘Dismissed’.
  • In case the parameters of the UMM change, i.e. a new version is published, the “Even Status” of the original UMM does not have to be changed to ‘Dismissed’.

2. ‘Inactive’

  • It is not obligatory to use this status value when the date and time of the event has expired, the status value ‘Active’ can be maintained for these UMMs.

3. ‘Active’

  • This value remains the default value for UMMs.

This approach will not only ease the work of the data providers, but will also limit the amount of messages initially expected to be received.

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