FAQs on fundamental data and inside information – Question III.6.1.3

How ACER will pull the information from the UMMs published on market participants’ or service providers’ web-sites?


Market participants are required to provide the URL address where they publish inside information in the registration for REMIT purposes under the field ‘Publication of inside information’ according to Article 9 of REMIT. The web feed should be located in the exact same web page used for the disclosure of inside information.

According to Article 9(5) of REMIT market participants are required to keep the registration fields updated. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of REMIT and will not allow the Agency to adequately collect the information included in the web feed. The field in Section 1 of the registration form should, therefore, include the exact location of the web feed. A generic reference to a homepage of a website is not considered by the Agency as a complete fulfilment of the registration obligation.

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