FAQs on transaction reporting – Question II.2.1.30

Data Field (35) and (38)

Reporting negative prices & resulting negative notionals

We wish to get clarification on how to report the following scenario under REMIT from 7th April 2016 onwards:

In some cases a trade may be for a “”negative”” price. This is not the same as the trade being the “”other way around””, i.e. a “”buy”” instead of a “”sell””.

Is it permissible to report negative prices in the various fields, i.e. fields 35 or 57 of table 1, or field 15 of table 2?

The same question would apply to resulting notionals.


If the Price of the trade is negative, this should be reported with a negative number. For notional values, these should always be reported in absolute value.

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