FAQs on transaction reporting – Question II.2.4.3

The market participant can change the lifecycle of the ”OrderReport”  and “TradeReport” via the field “ActionType”. The possible values are: New, Modify, Error and Cancel.

But if the market participant wants to report the change of the contract, he doesn’t have the possibility to report the change. The contract type doesn’t have the field “ActionType”.

Is it not allowed to change or cancel the contract?

For details see xml tags:  “contractList”  and “annexTable1ContractType”.


If reporting parties erroneously report the contract ID or details of the contract in the Contract List section of the XML file, they have to resubmit all the transactions related to that contract. To do so, the reporting parties have to:

1) submit a trade error report in order to cancel the previous transactions; and

2) re-submit them with the correct contract ID/details.

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