FAQs on transaction reporting – Question II.3.2.8

Data field (24)

Reference to documents: Transaction Reporting User Manual, page 91

Is it mandatory, to fill Table 2, Field 24? If not, what are the features of the contract that release the obligation to report this information? TRUM shows a list of possible values to fill – it allows “Other”, suggesting that this field covers any situation that may occur in practice. Moreover, description does not include any exceptions concerning reporting obligation, which took place in many other fields (in such cases ACER stipulated, that the data are not required if certain conditions are met). On the other hand, i.e. example 2.01 (p. 182 of Annex II to TRUM) field is left blank, indicating existence of specific features of the contract, for which the field may be left blank. We expect the field to be obligatory, despite missing values in provided examples.


Table 2 field 24 is NOT a mandatory field in the XSD schema and it should be used according to the examples provided in Annex II to the TRUM.

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