Q&As on REMIT – Question II.1.2.

Who has obligations under REMIT?


All entities and persons who participate in, or whose conduct affects, wholesale energy markets within the Union should be compliant with REMIT. It makes no difference whether or not the person is resident within the EU or whether or not they are professional investors. Also non-EU and non-EEA market participants are covered by REMIT if entering into transactions, including the placing of orders to trade, in one or more wholesale energy markets in the Union. Accordingly, the obligations to register under REMIT with the competent NRA and to report data to the Agency according to Article 8(1) and (5) of REMIT also applies to such non-EU and non-EEA market participants. The same holds for the prohibitions of market abuse pursuant to Articles 3 and 5 of REMIT.

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