Q&As on REMIT – Question II.4.38.

During the market participant’s registration process with the NRA, by mistake, a company has flagged the box in Section 5 of the registration form indicating that ‘I intend to become a reporting entity’. However, the company does not want to register as an RMM. How can this mistake be corrected?


If a market participant has mistakenly ticked the ‘I intend to become a reporting entity’ option in Section 5 of the CEREMP registration form, please send an email to the ARIS CSD (servicedesk@support.acer-remit.eu) requesting that the RRM Registration process is terminated for this market participant. The ACER Code and the name of the market participant should be clearly stated in that request.

ACER will process the request and untick the relevant option in the market participant’s profile. Following that, the market participant will be able to select the RRM it wishes to delegate its reporting responsibility to.

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