Q&As on REMIT – Question II.4.50.

I am a market participant and I am facing issues with my RRM in relation to reporting of my data to the Agency which can result in the potential breach of my reporting obligations under Article 8 of REMIT. Who should I contact?


In line with the Agency’s internal procedures, all technical issues in relation to data reporting should be addressed to the Agency’s Central Service Desk by the RRM reporting data on behalf of the market participant. The RRM should apply the ARIS Contingency Plan if necessary. A market participant facing IT issues with its RRM’s data reporting may therefore request the RRM to revert to the ARIS Contingency Plan.

Please note that sanctions for the breach of REMIT provisions are defined and enforced at national level by the relevant NRA, pursuant to Article 18 of REMIT. The relations between the market participant and their respective RRM should be regulated between these entities without the involvement of the Agency, for instance in a form of an agreement. In exceptional cases of a supposed grave misconduct of an RRM, the market participant may inform their NRA.

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