Q&As on REMIT – Question II.5.5.

What happened in the interim phase between REMIT’s entry into force until the adoption of the REMIT implementing acts?


Since the monitoring activities under REMIT are based on the collection of trade and fundamental data in accordance with Article 8 of REMIT and the relevant implementing acts, the Agency’s market monitoring activities in the interim phase – i.e. until the entry into application of the REMIT implementing acts – relied on notifications of suspected breaches of REMIT from NRAs and from persons professionally arranging transactions and on public sources.

NRAs were able to request wholesale energy data in ad-hoc cases on the basis of the record-keeping obligations for market participants. This was particularly the case if a potential infringement of the prohibitions of market abuse signalled by a person professionally arranging transactions according to Article 15 of REMIT or by a market participant. NRAs had to inform the Agency about any such cases signalled to them.

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