Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.23.

During the RRM registration we have to specify whether we will be reporting trade data, fundamental data, or both. In case we indicate both, but in the end our customers do not request fundamental data reporting, could we revoke this decision to avoid the testing of this kind of reports?


The selected interfaces and schemas during the registration process will be those which will have to be tested in the testing phase during the RRM registration process (Testing Framework). Upon successful results, and all other required steps being successfully fulfilled, the applicant may be approved as an RRM. If in the future, the RRM wishes to modify previous choices or add additional interfaces and/or schemas to its profile then this will be accommodated by the system via a profile update. However, before being able to use the additional interfaces/schemas, it is mandatory that testing via the Testing Framework is run successfully. Access to the Testing Framework remains permanently available to the RRM.

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