Q&As on REMIT – Question III.2.31.

The RRM Requirements document indicates the concept of reporting delegated chain as follows: “in case of a reporting delegation chain (e.g. counterparty A delegates the reporting to counterparty B, which, in turn, delegates the reporting to C), only the entities submitting data directly to the Agency (C, in the example above) shall register as a RRM”. There is a supplier X holding bilateral contracts with diverse suppliers (e.g. Y and Z, and these 2 suppliers only trade with supplier X bilaterally). The supplier X signs a data reporting agreement with RRM1 to report all those bilateral contracts by means of that RRM1. Therefore, the supplier X selects RRM1 in Section 5 of the registration form. However, the suppliers Y and Z do not sign any data reporting agreements with any RRM, because they delegate the reporting obligation to the supplier X. Therefore, the data reporting will fulfil the requirements with the data reporting agreement between X and RRM1. Do suppliers Y and Z have to select the RRM1 in their respective Section 5 of the registration form, even though they did not sign any agreement with the RRM1?


Yes, if suppliers Y and Z trade with X on a regular basis, they shall indicate the RRM1 in Section 5 of the registration form. Section 5 of the registration form should indicate the RRM that will ultimately report the market participant’s data to the Agency. If, however, suppliers Y and Z trade with X only occasionally and without any “permanent” arrangement then this could be seen as reporting on behalf of the counterparty under Article 6(7) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 and would not require suppliers Y and Z to declare the RRM1 in the registration form as a reporting entity for their trades. For more information, please see also Section 6.2.1 of the RRM Requirements.

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