TRUM – Section 3.5

How to send a transaction report

Article 10(3) of the Implementing Acts stipulates that the Agency shall, after consulting relevant parties, establish procedures, standards and electronic formats based on established industry standards for reporting of, inter alia, trade data. These procedures, standards and electronic formats are described in the Agency’s Manual of Procedures on transaction and fundamental data reporting.

Furthermore, according to Article 11 of the Implementing Acts, the Agency shall develop technical and organisational requirements for submitting data. The requirements shall ensure efficient, effective and safe exchange and handling of information. They shall:

a) ensure the security, confidentiality and completeness of information;

b) enable the identification and correction of errors in data reports;

c) enable authentication of the source of information;

d) ensure business continuity.

The Agency shall assess whether reporting parties comply with the requirements. Reporting parties who comply with the requirements shall be registered by the Agency.

Reporting entities complying with the RRM requirements defined by the Agency shall be registered by the Agency as such.

The transaction reporting will be done through the Agency’s REMIT Information System (ARIS)[1].

[1] See Section 3.1.

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