TRUM – Section 6.7

Data fields related to reason for primary allocation and secondary processes

This section includes the following fields:

52. Reason code
53. Reason text


Data Field No (52) Reason code

No. Field Identifier Description
52 Reason code (if applicable) A code providing the status of the allocation or the rights.


Description of Accepted Values Type Length Examples
Refer to ETSO Code list document for valid codes.
A75: Rights status information
A71: Linked bid rejected due to associated bid unsuccessful
A72: Original bid divided to permit acceptance
A73: Bid accepted
A74: Auction Status
Alphanumeric Maximum 3 A75


This field provides the reason code provides the status of the rights identified. As many reason elements as necessary may be used. This information is at the time series level to provide related explanatory information.

This field is mandatory if available.


Data Field No (53) Reason text

No. Field Identifier Description
53 Reason text (if applicable) Textual explanation of the reason code.


Description of Accepted Values Type Length Examples
If the code does not provide all the information to clearly identify the justification of the allocation then the textual information may be provided. Alphanumeric Maximum 512


Used only if the reason code is insufficient to identify an error.

This field is mandatory if available.

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