TRUM – Section 6

Reporting of electricity transportation contracts

The reporting of electricity transportation contracts to ACER between two balancing zones within the European Union will be mandatory from 7 April 2016 onwards. In this Chapter, the Agency provides information on how the data fields listed in Table 3 of the Annex to the Implementing Acts should be populated. In subsequent editions of the TRUM, the Agency may also provide further guidance on how to report electricity transportation contracts. It should be noted that Table 3 of the Annex to the Implementing Acts shall be used for the reporting of both standard and non-standard electricity transportation contracts.

It is worth noting that not all the data fields are mandatory for all transactions. Data fields are expected to be populated when applicable according to this manual. The Agency has prepared a list of trading scenarios to show what is expected and applicable to each scenario. The trading scenarios are listed in ANNEX III.

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